Optometry Day at the Statehouse


Optometry Day at the Statehouse (ODASH) is an essential component of the Ohio Optometric Association’s advocacy strategy to protect, advance and modernize the profession.

ODASH is an annual gathering of OOA members in Columbus to meet with their elected officials in the Ohio General Assembly. The purpose of each meeting is to discuss the issues most important to the profession, advocate for specific bills, and ensure legislators understand the scope of their work.

Columbus Athletic Club Logo
Columbus Athletic Club Building

9:45 AM - Welcome

10:00 AM - Special Guests

10:30 AM - Recognition of Key Legislators

11:00 AM - Special Guests

11:30 AM - Break

11:45 AM - Lunch

12:30 PM - Issues Review/Mtg Prep

12:45 PM - Depart for Legislative Mtgs

1:00 PM - Meetings at Senate & House

3:30 PM - Return to Athletic Club

4:00 PM - Networking Reception